Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am a Bad Library Patron

I mentioned in my introductory post that I used to read 250 books a year. So do my reading habits look anything like that now?

Short answer: No. I am far too busy pretending to work like a productive adult.

Long answer: Here is a general summary of my reading habits:

Day 1: Visit library to pick up one book, ostensibly to review for work (so I can feel like a productive adult). Can't find that book. Pick up six or seven other books instead.

Day 2: Look for the book I originally wanted on BookMooch. Find it. Also find a dozen other books that seemed cool at the time. Wipe out my BookMooch credits.

Day 3: Remember that I should start reading my library books. Pick a book at random and start reading. Get through 50 pages before realizing I left my computer on. Get distracted for rest of night by compulsively reloading email and various blogs.

Day 10: Book I requested from BookMooch comes in mail. It doesn't fit in my mailbox, so I have to pick it up at the post office.

Day 11: Send husband to post office.

Day 13: Begin reading the book I got in the mail. Realize it is ruining my pleasant memories of when I read that book as a kid. Decide not to review it after all. Watch a Law & Order marathon instead.

Day 14: Realize I never started reading my library books. Renew them all online, then promptly forget about them again.

Day 18: Am reminded in a random conversation of a book I already own and must read it right! now! Search bookshelves. Realize it is not in my apartment, but boxed up in my mother's basement.

Day 19: Call mother; ask her to go through basement.

Day 28: Receive book in mail from mother. Traipse to post office. Renew library books online again.

Day 29: Read book from mother. Consider starting on library books, but decide I've spent too much time reading today already.

Day 35: Finish one library book. Like it so much I go to the library to check out the sequel. Read that, too.

Day 42: Remember that I have other library books and they are due. Try to renew online, but have done so too many times already.

Day 43: Go to library to renew books in person. Sheepishly pay overdue fines with pennies I found at the bottom of my purse.

Next question: Is this an exaggeration?

Short answer: A little bit. But not as much as I wish it were.

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