Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Episode 1: Willow

Here is my first review: Willow, with a novelization by Wayland Drew!

This ended up being a lot shorter (and taking a lot longer) than I originally intended, but I think I covered all the important things. There are a few blips that weren't there the first time I exported the video, but suddenly appeared after I fixed some errors and exported it again; I just left them because I was afraid fixing and exporting one more time would mess up something else. =/

Also, one thing that I noticed, which I cut from the review because it just didn't seem to work in context: why does everyone on the cover look like a woman?

I suppose it's better than the movie poster the cover art copied, where Val Kilmer looks very angry and Warwick Davis inexplicably looks like a monkey:

But still; kinda weird.


  1. The sorceress turns into a kinkajou, not a muskrat.

    Welcome to the world of video reviewers. All you need is a bitchin' indy rock song for an opening theme, and a source of running gags.


  2. LOL, I have specifically avoided the running gags. I went through like three drafts that were supposed to be funny before just going, f*** it, and basically writing at the same balance of seriousness to snarkiness that I do in my regular written reviews. I am not great at being funny on command.